Philosophy of Maureen & Guides

Give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

~ Chinese Proverb

Maureen & Guides’ mission is to teach you ‘how to fish’ so that you can create the empowered life that is your birthright. So often in psychic readings, the traditional format is for the medium to tell you what they ‘see’ as your future or to give you direct guidance of the images or messages that they are getting from their guides. Maureen & Guides call this a ‘blind reading’, where it is up to the psychic and guides that are coming through to offer up information that may make your life better.

Maureen & Guides do not use this method of the ‘blind read’, because they find that it is less empowering. You then begin to attach to your psychic medium as ‘the person who knows what you should do’, rather than learning how to be that person for yourself.

In a session with Maureen & Guides, their goal is to teach you how to connect with your own source within, your higher self, or what the guides call Essence. If you can tune into this highest frequency within yourself, you become your own psychic! Obviously this takes practice, as not only do you need to learn how to become more intuitive, but you need to understand the basics of how your body/mind/spirit really works.

The guides break us up into three parts – Ego Costume, Soul Journeyer, and Essence.

Maureen & Guides define your Ego Costume as the vessel that holds the Soul – you! It’s your body and your Ego mind consciousness. The guides also see the Ego as including your Inner Child, so for example if you are 50 years old, this means your Ego Costume consists of every experience you have had in your 50 years, from birth (even in-eutero) to your current age. So often a person can have inner child, teenage or adult Ego wounds that are still so overpowering, they make it difficult to connect with your Essence and be higher in consciousness. You can use your Essence to help you know which ages and experiences your Ego Costume has that are wounded and need healing. You can heal wounds and personality traits that need the raise in consciousness and strengthen talents and positive traits that are already there.

The guides also help you learn about your Soul, and its collection of lifetimes that make the Soul who it is. Some people refer to this as tapping into their Soul’s akash or akashic records. For the guides, they are able to see each lifetime as a ‘soul aspect’, so if for example you have reincarnated a thousand times, having lived a thousand lifetimes, we then have one thousand soul aspects that all meld together to create our Soul. The guides help us to learn to tuen into the soul aspects or lifetimes that are lower in consciousness and heal them. You learn to talk with your Soul, become familiar with your Soul’s intentions for this lifetime. Any soul aspect or lifetime that is blocking your purpose, you can shift. The soul aspects that are positive and powerful in their own right, you can strengthen even more. By understanding the whole by seeing the Soul as multiple aspects, you can raise the consciousness of your Soul.

My Soul Can Heal